Bigger Purpose of Playmaker Tournaments and Iowa 7 on 7 football

The bigger purpose of all of this is to get kids out there playing and playing football. Playmaker tournaments provide the medium for that purpose. There are many kids that don’t get to be involved in youth sports for many factors. Iowa 7 on 7 football has a goal of removing those barriers and provide an opportunity to experience football in a different manner. Ever time I see 2 kids and 1 football it is being thrown. If there are 3 then one is receiving, the other covering, and the other being quarterback. That is the fun of 7 on 7 football. You do not need flashy uniforms or big stages to enjoy the basics of the throw and catch. All you need is some space, a football, and a friend.

To be honest I prefer the one hand touch of 7 on 7 football even more than flag football. Contact is minimized with this method. Kids are allowed to be as fast and shifty as they can be because, the other team only has to stick a hand out and the ball is stopped. All of this allows for a fast paced, exciting game where there are many passes and many opportunities for all kids to get into the action. There is also no need for weight or size limits. Big kids that have “Cannon Arms” or “Pillows for fingers” can show them off. The greater purpose is to get kids out playing and playing football.

I read a lot about what is wrong with youth sports today. What i never see is the talk about the opportunities that kids have today to meet and interact with people from all walks of life. To get perspective from kids that don’t live like they do. The negatives don’t out weigh the positives of youth sports today. It is the total opposite. However, the people who like to point out negatives are much louder and busier writing because those that love it are too busy playing and coaching. Of course being out there playing and coaching takes us back to the greater purpose of all of this which is to get kids out there playing and playing football.