Spring Inferno Tournament 2019 Recap

On April 27th the day after snow fell in Tiffin, Iowa the first Spring 7 on 7 tournament came together. We had 3 youth divisions of 3 teams each. The teams were from Oskaloosa, Tiffin, Bettendorf and Cedar Rapids.
7-8 Grade Champions – Hotfeet Fire Dragons
5-6 Grade Champions – Achievers
3-4 Grade Champions – Hotfeet Fire Dragons Burn

The action was fun and fast with each division having several overtime games. For all of you coaches, or future coaches out there you have to learn the overtime rules. You get one chance to complete a pass or move the ball. The team that moves it the furthest in that try wins. If you lose the toss and need to go first you must complete your pass. If you don’t complete your pass the other team only hast to complete a 1/2 yard play to win. It didn’t take long for coaches to catch on.

The great thing about what we have going on with the Playmaker tournaments is the huge variety of kids we get to engage. Additionally there are many kids that don’t like regular football but play 7 on 7 football. The hope is that they fall in love with the game and end up helping their schools as varsity players. Follow us on twitter and facebook. @Iowa7v7football