Iowa Playmaker 7v7 Football is focused on giving football players in Iowa the opportunity to compete in 7v7 action packed events all over the state.  Currently kids from Iowa have to travel 3 plus hours to find events and teams.

Our Mission is simple

Provide premier events that allow football players to improve passing game offensive and defensive skills.

Welcome to the beginning.  The road ahead is uncharted but that is the fun.  Come join us and have a great experience.  Divisions are based on grades.  3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and High school.  This is not flag football this is 7v7 passing in Iowa.

We are passionate about Sports and recruiting.  We love to see effort and hard work turn into success. We cheer for kids to give it their all because you only get one shot at being a kid and it is a short time in their lives.   It is a great time in their lives full of potential and energy.

High school is 4 short years where people have to care about what you do, where you go and if you are progressing well to be successful.  After that you are on your own to make your own decisions.  You are on your own to solve your own problems and very few people have to care about your choices.

Listen to grownups when they say don’t be in a rush to grow up.  Do high school things, enjoy your time because it is short and you don’t get to reset and play again.

— Hot Feet Make Plays!!!